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Post Pictures Online. 

The ability to easily post pictures or photos online is essential to a fun and useful online tool. There are many ways this can be done with Thumbnail Cafe.

Thumbnail Cafe takes the approach that your pictures are for sharing with friends and family and should be done so easily and quickly.  If you cant share them then what good are they.  So we have opted to reduce file resolution so that photos can be quickly uploaded to our site.  The downside is that some photos may not have the resolution to be printed and mailed to you at sizes larger than 4x6.  However, the resolution we use is sufficient for printing 4x6 prints.  We offer that feature on Thumbnail Cafe. 

We offer two ways to post your photos online.  One is through our web interface that lets you upload 5 photos from your pc at one time.  This is a quick interface that will allow you to place the photos in any album or folder that you wish.  This method is good if you want to quickly get a few photos up to your account to show someone.  However if you want to upload all the photos from your last vacation there is a better method.

Using "QuickPic©" you can upload hundreds of photos at a time.  This is a downloadable tool that can be installed on your PC.  One installed you can log in to your account, and simply drag and drop each photo into the album or folder in question.  Once all the photos have been selected and placed in their appropriate location, one click of a button is all that is needed to finish the process.  Just click upload and your photos will be quickly placed in the correct folder into your account. 

Next time you login to Thumbnail Cafe, there they are, ready to share with friends and family.



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